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Holland Middle East Trading B.V.

The company was founded in 1988 by Mr. Alexander Mirza. The core business of the company is the importation and exportation of new and used heavy construction machinery, agricultural machinery, tractors, cranes and trucks. For the past years Holland Middle East Trading (HMET) managed to trade in more than 500 tractor and machines per year. To acquire knowledge of many different markets, the company is represented worldwide.


The mission:

''We do not focus on one-time deals, building long-term customer relationships comes first. The focus on service and the complete care of deals is extremely important to create an excellent and reliable customer experience.''


The vision of HMET is to become one of the largest suppliers of used agricultural machinery in Europe with worldwide brand recognition in the industry. Through the building of long term customer relationships, the company is trying to generate an as high as possible turnover rate for their products. In addition HMET aims to take the work out of the hands of the customer; buyers don’t need to worry about matters like documentation and transportation. After the purchase of our products, the buyer can immediately focus on the selling of these products. In doing so HMET also assists in generating a high turnover rate for their customers. A successful deal and a satisfied customer is an accomplished mission for HMET.



Main office in Schüttorf - Germany


The main office and warehouse (15.000m2) are established in 48465 SCHÜTTORF, Gewerbeweg 5, Germany, just of the highway where the A30 crosses the A31 in the industrial zone of Schüttorf, where visitors and clients are able to see and test the equipment as well as visiting our workshop and showroom.


Outside warehouse



Before delivering the machines and tractors to customers, they're being checked and (if nescesary) repaired. We are also able to take care of the transport and worldwide shipping; this includes the loading in containers and clearance documents (export documents).



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